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2. Wicked Pissah: something that’s really, really cool. 3. Wicked F*****’ Pissah: something that is absolutely too cool for words. 4. Definition: (adjective phrase) great, fantastic (pronounced “wicked pissah”) Example: Except for the insane real estate prices, collapsing tunnels and a subway that shuts down at half past midnight, Boston is wicked pisser!

Boston slang wicked pissah

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Oct 3, 2019 Now, the term has really centralized in Boston, Massachusetts. It has now made it's way into the business arena - used to promote New England  Dec 19, 2015 - Explore Chrissy Cotto's board "Boston's WICKED PISSAH slang" on Pinterest. See more ideas about boston strong, boston, wicked. There's more than just pahking your cah in Hahvihd Yahd - We have our own vocabulary and even grammar. Feb 4, 2016 Wicked is practically the hub of all Boston slang. It is also common to hear the expression “wicked pissah,” which is—surprisingly—a  Nov 26, 2014 1.

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Good, excellent. It sounds like an insult, but it’s quite the opposite. Wicked: There must be a law in Massachusetts in which citizens will be fined if they use the term “very” instead of “wicked.”.

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Adjective. wicked pissah (comparative more wicked pissah, superlative most wicked pissah) (US, New England, slang) Outstanding; awesome. What is the word Pissah mean? Breaking down the word we have, Pissah: meaning “great” or “amazing” either realistically or sarcastically. You might also here people say and spell this as, “pissa”, or “pisser” if your talking to someone from Boston,.
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Boston slang wicked pissah

In addition regularly described something which is bad or sucks by Juanita Rudolph Report definition. to-be either awesome or sucks .. in boston area by This is going to be wicked pissa As well as the quirky accent, there are also a number of words used solely by Bostonites. This guide to Boston slang means you’ll be in the know when watching Black Mass - the true story of Boston Irish Mob organised crime boss, Whitey Bulger, played by Johnny Depp. South Boston is usually referred to as “Southie,” East Boston as “Eastie,” and Roslindale as “Rozzie.” Here’s a list of terms you need to know to talk like a local: 1.

Even then we have a subset of the Boston slang - i.e. coffee milk, johnnycake, quahog  May 7, 2018 An explanation of the slang term "wicked" and when it's used. the years and is most commonly used by people from Boston, like myself, who use Personally, I' ve never heard anyone say "wicked p Feb 4, 2015 There are way more, such as wicked (or even wicked pissah), but visit this Boston to English dictionary or this Glossary of Boston Slang. Tap again to see term. Ahnt Somebody who's wicked smaht; a Brain (Saugus).
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Bostonians have created a myriad of insulting words for their friends. · 3. “Wicked Pissah”: A Guide To Understanding Massachusetts Slang (Mostly Boston) · The Irish Riviera - the South Shore coastal suburbs to the southeast of Boston:  Check this Wicked Pissah T Shirt Distressed Irish Flag Boston Slang T Shirt – Standard Long Sleeve . Hight quality products with perfect design is available in a  Dec 27, 2015 A dead giveaway that you're talking to a New Englander, "wicked" is a general intensifier often followed by "pissah," to mean superb. Given the  Wicked Pissah - an extreme emphasis on how shockingly extraordinary something is. "You can't get theya from heah" - a Mainer's disinterest in providing you  Jun 26, 2015 WICKED PISSAH: 'Masshole' added to the Oxford Dictionary The term “ Masshole” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, which we all can agree is Shooting reported on Huntington Ave. near Boston House of Dec 20, 2017 Mark Wahlberg teaches you Boston slang words.

In Massachusetts slang, “wicked pissah” is  The Boston accent is a local accent of Eastern New England English. This term is also used in Wisconsin and Australia.
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Wicked is Bostonian for "very" or "really." 12. "We're It'll be wicked pissah/pissa.". Mark Wahlberg Teaches You 'Boston Slang' [VIDEO]. Kid. Published: July 11, 2018. Share · Tweet.

Funny Boston Accent Text Transition Stockvideoklipp helt

Högskola Boston Jay Wicked Pissah Boston Nightly: Long Term Parking. Film. A Boston woman scores her dream job transfer to Paris, and her boyfriend settles for an This guy brings the term 'ugly American' to a whole new height. charm because it belies the fact that we Bahstonians are wicked pissah smarht. Wicked Pissah. A slang phrase in the New England area; perhaps most frequently heard in Boston, whose closest meaning is "Awesome". However; the phrase is almost exclusively used in the sarcastic sense.

Come check out our giant selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. Free Returns 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping Feb 6, 2020 Some other interesting words are “bubbler”, “wicked pissah”, “clicker”, “packie” and “rotary”.